Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lunch Bag

School lunches went up to 3 bucks this year. THREE BUCKS! I'm pretty sure that I could drive all the way to town, buy lunch, drive back to school, and still pay less than 3 dollars.

Contributing to this decision is the fact that I lost 10 lbs once school ended. It may only be a coincidence that I ate in the lunchroom everyday, but... It was proof enough for me.

So...I have vowed to not buy any school lunches except for holiday meals. And I might buy a corndog on corndog day. I love corndogs...

Anyway...since I've made this vow I thought it would only be appropriate to make myself a lunch bag. I mean, I've got this new sewing machine. Why not use it?!?

Besides that, I got some real deals in the Hobby Lobby remnant basket a couple of weeks ago. Included in that was cream-colored canvas.

I spent pretty much all day (off and on) yesterday working on it. I didn't have a pattern and I've never made any kind of bag before, so it was a bit tricky until I figured out what I was doing.

I will post a picture when I finish it. It still needs a handle and some kind of closure. If I can figure out the button hole function on my sewing machine, there will be a button. Otherwise I'll just sew some velcro on it.

In any case, it doesn't look much like a lunch bag right now. When it does, I will post a picture :)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Party Bow

I finished this bow today. I am calling this the "Party Bow" because it is just so festive!

This Party Bow was came to life because of a korker ribbon experiment. I hadn't made a korker bow yet, so I dove right in with my 3/8 in grosgrain, some dowel rods, and spray starch. 275 degrees and 30 minutes later, I realized I didn't actually have enough to make an entire bow.

So...I used the ribbon that I had left over from the Hair Bow Holder and made a basic bow. I attached the korker bow to the top. I used a french knotted ribbon as the center, and TA DAH! The Party Bow was born.

I'm thinking once I decide on an outfit for my baby girl's 2nd birthday, I will definitely be making one of these to match.
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Saturday, August 1, 2009

A project for next summer!

I have been reading this blog for the last 30 minutes (which, believe me is a feat--I have NO attention span!).

I am afraid I will forget about this project come next summer, so I'll write about it here.

This is perfect for a frugal Mom like myself. I figure I can find some t-shirts at my local kid's consignment sale in the spring to complete this project. Or, like the blog author of Happy Together writes, I can just get them at the dollar store.

I 'm not sure which I love more: the roses on the first dress or the ruffles on the second! I've always wondered how those types of ruffles were done and now I see that it's not that complicated *insert blushing smiley here*.

I'll save this for next year only because I have a lot of projects that are staring me in the face right now. This will be a huge money saver next year!