Sunday, August 2, 2009

Party Bow

I finished this bow today. I am calling this the "Party Bow" because it is just so festive!

This Party Bow was came to life because of a korker ribbon experiment. I hadn't made a korker bow yet, so I dove right in with my 3/8 in grosgrain, some dowel rods, and spray starch. 275 degrees and 30 minutes later, I realized I didn't actually have enough to make an entire bow.

So...I used the ribbon that I had left over from the Hair Bow Holder and made a basic bow. I attached the korker bow to the top. I used a french knotted ribbon as the center, and TA DAH! The Party Bow was born.

I'm thinking once I decide on an outfit for my baby girl's 2nd birthday, I will definitely be making one of these to match.
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