Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Cape With 40 Billion Button Holes

I've been working on this cape for what seems like forever.

For. Ev. Er.

I got the fleece as a remnant at Hobby Lobby. I think I paid around $3 for it. I had ordered the ribbon from eBay a while back, unsure what its use would be (it is a zebra print grosgrain).

I made this cape from a pattern (I think is is Simplicity, but don't quote me) last year out of a pink camo fleece remnant from (none other than) Hobby Lobby. It was SUPER cute, but I never finished a closer on it, rendering it nearly useless (we did use it though, because my Mama helped me with it). I was determined to finish this one.

The trouble started when I got my pattern out. I had the back piece, but no front pieces. I also couldn't find the pattern piece to make the pompoms for the hood. In the end, I winged it :). When I put it all together to sew, it magically fit together. BRILLIANT!

Thinking I was over the hump, I sewed it together, did some finishing on the seams (for aesthetic purposes of course), sewed the ribbon on the front, opened up the arm holes (a last minute addition), and got ready to work on the closure.

In the pattern, I believe it called for two ribbons to be sewn on each side. Then you could tie a bow under the neck to close the cape. I didn't like that idea (of course I didn't!!). So I decided on a button and button hole instead.

I practiced that button hole twice before I ever thought about putting that crazy cape under the needle. I practiced with the exact fabric, thread, everything. Both practice button holes were perfect. Perfect.

The real button hole? Well, on the first one the thread jammed. The second one? Thread jammed again. The third one skipped stitches. The fourth one made the thread jam again. I think I tried a couple times after that, but it's all a little blurry.

I finally gave up. I tried to rip out the darn button holes so they wouldn't show....with little success (they were on both sides...). I ended up going back to Hobby Lobby to purchase a frog closure (I think that's what they're called). I tediously sewed that thing in by hand, cursing my sewing machine the entire time.

I think we'll be able to use it next year. Look at that hood--it's huge!!

E loves it, and that's all that matters. She says, "My Mommy made it."

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