Sunday, November 22, 2009


It seems I'm leaving a lot of things unfinished these days. I'm thinking I will jot down that list here. Maybe I'll even make a checklist for the sidebar.

(Did I just add two more things to my to-do list??)

1. The Owl Dress. Must. Finish. This. Toddlers grow really fast.

2. I sewed a bazillion flowers out of felt to make these (hers are way more involved than mine, but I needed a simpler project). I need to cut the flowers and leaves out and attach them to the stems.

3. A lunch bag. I've made one this year, but the shape makes it awkward. And it looks homemade. AND I snagged some remnant canvas at Hobby Lobby.

4. E's bow holder. I only need to attach the hanger to the back and the ribbon to hang the bows on.

5. I just bought something like 12 yards of fabric to make Christmas presents for family. I should move this up the list...

I'll leave this list as it is for now. Which would mean this list is most likely unfinished... But my work-full-time-but-home-a-week-for-Thanksgiving mommy brain can't think of anything else right now...

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