Thursday, January 14, 2010

Introducing Teaser Thursdays!

I've been enjoying an extended Christmas break due to... inclement weather (that's what the automated system tells me when it calls to tell me I don't have school). One would think that with all the extra time off work (7 extra days to be exact), I would have a ton of time to sew, craft, and be merry. Not so much. There was a little sewing (which I'll share in a post later), but mostly I chased after my toddler. :)

Back to Teaser Thursdays!

In order to get myself into a regular posting schedule, I have decided upon this: a Thursday post that shows what I'm working on. By the weekend I should have a completed project to share.

Why Thursday? (I was hoping someone would ask) Thursday is my night off. The "baby" (I don't know if I can still call a 2 1/2 year old a baby) stays with my in-laws, and the hubby occupies himself with school work or farm work.

The picture is a sneak peek at tonight's project. Obviously it's for Valentine's Day. I'm so proud of myself for not waiting until the week OF Happy Hearts Day to whip up something. I'm also happy that Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice are back on so I can indulge in that guilty pleasure while I work on it!

Stay tuned...

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