Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A mother's journal

In a recent post, I shared that I wanted to make the most of my moments.  

In the most unlikely of places (Aldi's, $4.99!), I found one more way to do this.  

And for $4.99, can you really say no to that little journal-addicted voice inside of you?

I have vowed many times to start a journal for E.  I just never could keep up with it.  In some cases, I never even started it.

This journal, however, has PROMPTS!  It tells me what to write! 


I think I will put this by my bed.  With a pen (no excuses!)  I may not write every night, but I should be able to finish all 96 pages before her high school graduation.  That turns out to be about six pages a year...hopefully I can manage that.

Don't forget to stop by my giveaway and enter to win!  I will pick a winner Friday evening after I put E to bed (so around 9pm EST)!

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