Monday, May 10, 2010

Sunday Roundup

Happy Mother's Day to me! 

And to you if such formalities apply!

This is a picture of me, taking a picture of me, standing in front of my mother's antique dresser mirror.  If I'd had two thoughts about it, I would have moved her lotion and ash-tray-turned-candle holder-turned-jewelry-catchall (yup, I'm serious) and taken a wider shot.  It is a beautiful dresser. 

I spent the day with my daughter.  We drove down to my mom's and dad's and had lunch.   

Then we met my dear husband and drove out to our rented pasture to check on the cows.  Once we found them, they followed the truck back to the feed troughs to collect their weekly corn.  

I love that both of these pictures are of me taking pictures (it's Mother's Day...I'm allowed to be a little self-centered!).  

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