Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It's Shutter Love Tuesdays on Trendy Treehouse!  

Today's theme was "Mother's Love".  This picture is from Easter and captures and sweet moment between me and my E.  She loves to play with my hair, and especially loves it when I tickle her face with it.  I love to hear her giggle when I try to "steal all her sugars". :)  

Sorry about the lack of Tuesday Cup of Cheer.  I hope you found your own cheer today!  I got back from my photography class really late last night and didn't really have time to put it together.  I'll make next weeks doubly nice!

Dear Trendy Treehouse,
I realize your post says the picture should be taken by us, but I adore this picture of my baby and me.  I suppose I could fib and tell you that I used my self-timer or a remote, but the truth is...my sister took it.  She did use my camera though!  I completely understand if you disregard my picture because of this fact.  No hard feelings :).

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hip chick said...

Oh my word that is such a great shot. Really captures the emotion. And, you gotta love those sunglasses!

JMN said...

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