Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tuesday Cup of Cheer: Journals

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During my freshman year of college, I had a college professor telling me to start a journal.  It could have been because if given the chance, I talked her ear off.  She thought it would do me good to get some things off my chest and onto paper.  (and out of her ears apparently!)

Regardless of the reason, I headed off to Target soon after that conversation.  I picked up a 5x7 spiral notebook with a gray faux suede cover and off-white lined pages.  It went with me everywhere I went.  It took me through good times, thoughtful days, and heartaches.

Fast forward ten years.  

There have been many a journal in my life.  My name is Caren and I'm a journalholic.  I don't write in one as much as I used to, but I still gravitate toward them in a book store.  I usually have one in my purse.  I haven't thrown a single one away.  Ever. :)

Today's Cup of Cheer features journals because they are close to my heart (like coffee from last week)

1.  This journal is from Simply Simon by Dez.  I discovered her randomly on Etsy right after Christmas-time.  I must have been trying to get my yearly journal fix when I happened upon her shop.  I laid my eyes on her "Lucille" journal, and now it is MY Lucille journal.  :)

She has since relocated her shop to 1000 Markets, and still has these journals she makes from reclaimed books.  This one is called the Clare journal and is made from the C.S. Lewis book, Prince Caspian.  I adore what she does with these old books.  My Lucille journal is truly a treasure of mine.

2. My Green Bicycle journal comes from My Book of Lists on Etsy.  It is for those of us that love to make lists.  It comes with pages already designated for certain topics like "quotes to quote", "music to buy", "places to travel", and many more.  There are many designs to chose from, and they even offer customizable lists!

3.  The Eye Candy Journal is from Crab Apple Designs on Etsy.  This journal takes me WAY back.  Not only am I a teacher, but I hail from a family full of teachers.  I can remember sitting with my grandmother practicing cursive that looked just like this  that she would make me correct until it was the best I could make it.  

4.  Pretty babushkas all in a row comes from the brand new Etsy shop of Time for Tea Me.  These journals are eco friendly as well as stunning!  She has several different fabrics available for the covers (and I love them all!).  They are also refillable, so you can keep writing and writing and...  You get the idea.

Happy Tuesday!

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Desiree said...

Thank you for the great review on my journals! I am so glad you use yours and love it. -dez