Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday Cup of Cheer...in its most literal sense.

Humor me and my long-windedness  for just a moment...  There are some fantastic pictures at the bottom of this post.

(yes Mr. Spellcheck, I realize long-windedness isn't a word)

The morning I had my last Tuesday Cup of Cheer entry scheduled to post (I can't believe I didn't know about scheduled posts before), I went into work to find another Ale-8 waiting for me in the fridge at work.  Attached was a post-it note telling me that I was appreciated and to have a good day.  I truly have the best coworker!

That evening I tried to imagine what a cup of cheer might look like.


I realized that besides a can of diet coke (which has its own wonderful little package), the best cup of cheer I could ever ask for is coffee, with 2% milk, and Splenda.  I'm a simple gal.

That led me to think about the drab, sad, pitiful coffee cups I've been drinking out of since we got married.  BORING!  I won't even post a picture.  They are truly that sad.

Which led me to think how nice it would be to have a fabulous little coffee cup.  We coffee-lovers LOVE our coffee.  Why not love our coffee cups with the same passion?

So...I went in search of some coffee cups to love.  Here are my favorites from Etsy:


 This mug is called Indy Hippy Happy Flowers Mug.   What could be more cheerful than that?  Beyond all of my mommy/wife/daughter/teacher duties, there is a little hippie that lives deep down inside me.  When I was in school, my notebooks were covered in flower doodles something like this (although messier and less refined!).  Lorrie of LennyMud has a myriad of cups and other functional pottery pieces in her Etsy shop.  The humor in her pieces struck me immediately, and I dare you to take a look through her shop without having a good laugh!


This mug reminds me that typewriters, in all their glorious vintage-ness, are almost extinct.  I love the nod that Sarah has given to days gone by with this print!  I was one of the last classes in my high school that learned to type on a typewriter (remember those little whiteout papers?).  Sarah has a great blog over at craftyFOLK and I'm excited to read that she is in the process of turning this into fabric!!


I asked Outi if I could post her mug here because I know there are days I need this moral boost in the morning.  If you're a mom, you know exactly what I'm talking about!  She is a super talented artist, and her blog is total eye candy!  You can find her shop on Etsy here.  She has all kinds of beautiful pottery and original paintings.

  This last one gave me a good giggle.  I can imagine giving this to my mom, who has a great sense of humor.  She would have a good time with this!  UrbanAntix's shop is filled with this mustache theme on different types of mugs and glasses.

Check out these great shops and stayed tuned for a great giveaway (my first!) coming soon!

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