Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hairclips from an unexpected source

When Ella was invited to a Princess Party, I knew the attire would be a breeze. I have been collecting tulle out of the remnant bin at Hobby Lobby for months so I could make a tutu. A princess party gave me the perfect excuse! I made the tutu, picked out pants, a tank, and a sweater to wear with it.

Next came accessories. I'm a pretty simple girl myself. I wear a wedding band, engagement ring, and a mother-child necklace I got for Christmas a couple of years ago. I rarely wear earrings, and the only time I wear something in my hair is when I mow the yard. And then it's an old bandanna.

I've made E a few hair bows here and there, but I really wanted something a little more special for this occasion. I wandered around Hobby Lobby for a while before ending up in the scrapbooking section. I found some non-paper flowers and decided to roll with it. Flowers in the hair? Absolutely!
I know this is not some new, novel idea. Everybody's doing it. I really liked that I got 2 different packages that I can mix and match to make different hair clips. I spent about $7 and will be able to make at least 10-12 clips.  I bought my alligator clips from The Soda Pop Shop on Etsy.

Can we say hooked??

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Crafty Girls Workshop said...

That is an adorable hair bow! How sweet that you went to that much trouble for another child's birthday party! I'm a new follower from Follow Me Fridays.