Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday Cup of Cheer

I have a very thoughtful and supportive coworker that will on occasion bring me a treat. Donut holes, an Ale-8 (if you're ever in Kentucky...specifically central, north-eastern, or eastern---you should try one), a candy bar, and iced coffee are some of the lovely things she has brought me in recent weeks.

A few weeks ago, she brought me an iced coffee and wrapped a note around it with a rubber band. The note said, "Here's your Tuesday cup of cheer!!" (How stinkin' cute is she?)

Some days are just in need of some extra cheer. Like Tuesdays. I know what you're saying..."But it's not Monday!!" I agree. But there is some satisfaction to working your tail off to get through a Monday.

Tuesdays are different I think. You made it through Monday. On to Tuesday. But Tuesday is THREE WHOLE DAYS away from the weekend! And you just used all your energy to get through Monday! Yikes.

It should go without saying that the iced coffee was fantastic. Excellent. Completely worth the calories.

I call her thoughtful for obvious reasons--she thinks about me when we're not together.

I call her supportive because she supports my love for sugary goodness.

And because she helps me get through Tuesdays. Love her. God bless her.

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