Monday, April 12, 2010

Pattern Testing

Warning: This post may (read: will) include a large number of links. I'm sorry. I couldn't help myself.

Hmm...who is that hiding under my new slipcover??

Several months ago, I was asked to do a pattern testing for Jona at Stop Staring and Start Sewing. (Actually...I volunteered myself, and she graciously accepted.)

The pattern was for a folding chair slipcover. The pattern printed out great, the instructions were easy to follow, and I was SO happy with the final product I knew I needed to share. I must also mention that Jona is so sweet and put up with my never ending questions like a pro!

You can see my complete product over on Jona's blog post (I think you'll recognize the fabric from the picture above). I must have deleted my copy of those pictures when I backed up my pictures last week. The pattern is available for sale in her Fabritopia shop (that link will take you right to the pattern, but PLEASE browse her store. She has wonderful fabrics!).

I've been reading her blog since the beginning of my sewing/craft blog obsession almost a year ago. This is the post (an apron in an hour?? why didn't I think of that?!?) that got me hooked. I should confess that I have not made this apron yet, but I knew that anyone with the smarts to do a tutorial for such a thing should be in my Google Reader!

I loved being a pattern tester. I wish I could find a job as a full time pattern tester. How much fun would that be?? My only complaint about pattern testing was that my 2 year-old was underfoot the whole time. I must consider hiring a nanny when I get my pattern-tester job.

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Alli (One Pearl Button) said...

Pattern tester sounds like an awesome job! The fabric that you used for your slipcover is really cute!